Customized House Rules

The backbone of every roleplaying games, rules are what makes us wish there were none. But one thing is for sure, we’ll always strive to make them as we wish they were… adapted to the style of play we see as ours. Included within the sections to the right are new character races, god domains, feats, and spells – aspects of the Realms that differ the most from core D&D.

General Rules

Rule Books
  • All rule books are Pathfinder version 3.5.
DM Rulings
  • Game Master’s rules are final.
  • Arguments will not be tolerated during game play, although you are welcome to discuss them after.
  • All rules have exceptions. There are no absolutes.
Hero Points
DM Rolls
  • All Game Master rolls are hidden.
Private Messages
  • Private messages are allowed as long as they do not disrupt game play.
  • One character per customer per game.
  • Two maximum characters per player. One backup inactive character and one active character. The inactive character earns half the experience the active character gains.
Character Sheets (CS)
  • The DM keeps the official copy of all characters.
  • No character may enter play until the DM has the official copy of that character.
CS Revisions
  • You have 3 game sessions to finalize your character. That is you can make any revisions you deem needed for the first 3 game sessions.
  • It becomes official on the 4th session that character is played in. After which the revision needs final DM approval. Any revisions made during the 3-session grace period also need DM approval. Just the idea of making them is open at first. This is to make sure the character in play actually matches the idea you had for it.
Ability Scores

  • New characters will start with XP equal to the experience required for the lowest level of the current characters.
  • Inactive characters will gain half the experience of the active characters.
Special Abilities
  • Energy Drain: If the save to recover from the negative level fails, the negative level persists and the afflicted creature must make another save the following day. The save DC increases by +1 for every two days past the first attempt to recover. If the afflicted creature fails ten consecutive saves, their level is reduced by 1 permanently.
  • All equipment must be written down on Character Sheet at beginning of play.
  • If above level 1, they get equipment equal to the guidelines below for a character of their level.
  • Otherwise if level 1 they get normal starting equipment.
  • Dependent on background story, the DM is likely to also grant the player one ‘special background item’ which will further raise the value of starting equipment.
Wealth by level above 1st
  • Magic items may be chosen from the Dungeon Master Guide only.
  • Maximum of half total gold on a single item.
  • Upto 10 scrolls, potions, runes, or other disposable magic items.
  • Characters with item creation feats may use their abilities to reduce the cost of items they create as long as they spend the experience.
  • If your starting items from a slain character end up in other players hands, your new character starts with that much less equipment.

Customized House Rules

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