Rose of Waterdeep campaign

“My lord Mourngrym. I’m afraid that neither our prayers, nor the spellcraft of Storm Silverhand has been able to slow the plague affecting our crops. If things progress as they have been, we will face a harsh winter ahead indeed.

One ray of hope does shine forth however. The priests of the House of the Lady have reported a vision in which they were shown how to recover a holy chalice from their catacombs. Although they themselves are forbidden from entering the catacombs, a brave group of adventurers have accepted the task and entered the tomb. We can only hope they succeed in time."

- Overheard from Glamerie Windbough, High Harvestmistress of the House of Plenty (temple of Chauntea)

Come join us for the next session of high adventure as the heroes delve deep beneath the House of the Lady (temple of Tymora) in search of the chalice.

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Rose of Waterdeep

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